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5 organic superfoods you must include in your winter diet


5 organic superfoods, With the onset of winters and the temperature gradually dropping each day, we end up looking for ways to keep ourselves warm. Often we find ourselves shuffling through ingredients in the kitchen that can be added to winter special meals. During those times do you wish that the things you pick out to eat boosted your immunity while being nutritious and delicious? Well, organic superfoods might just be what you are looking for.

Well-known for their medicinal properties, organic products have been used in every household for centuries. But if you consume inorganic products, they might do more harm than good due to the high content of pesticides and chemicals in them. However, organic products are free of any kind of chemicals and pesticides. Moreover, they are recultivated with organic manure and bio-fertilizers.

Confused? Worry not, we have you covered. Here is a list of 5 organic spices, you should use especially in the winter season.
Organic Turmeric
We have all been through those winter mornings laden with cough, cold, and a runny nose. In those times, most of us have been forced to gulp down a glass of turmeric milk. Well, that’s because turmeric is an excellent natural antibiotic. Furthermore, it contains curcumin, which is a strong antioxidant.

Just add a teaspoon of organic turmeric and reap multiple benefits of this natural antibiotic ingredient.

  • Use it as a home remedy to get rid of blemishes and acne. An ancient beauty secret with anti-inflammatory components which provides glow and luster to the skin.
  • Enhance the flavors of your dishes with organic turmeric which is comparatively flavourful and brighter in color.

Organic Ginger Powder
Organic Ginger powder is well known for its therapeutic properties and is created by crushing fresh ginger slices and sun-drying them. Loaded with the natural goodness of ginger, an apt spice to be included in your winter regime.

Just add a teaspoon of ginger powder to sail through the winters and fight against any infection.

● Ginger Tea – Make a natural tonic for your cough and cold.

The organic ginger powder of Geo-fresh is packed with the goodness of natural ginger. Its warming properties can enhance the taste as well. The contribution is of health and flavors both!
Organic Wheatgrass Powder
The winter season is synonymous with the detox season. Not a lot of us know, that our bodies need some wheatgrass therapy. Don’t you tend to go a little low on immunity, especially during the winter months? Organic wheatgrass powder in juices can be helpful in

boosting your immunity
● good for digestion and can rev up your metabolism too

The organic wheatgrass powder of Geo-fresh is packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and enzymes, and some amount of anticancer properties as well. Control your blood pressure, fight against obesity, and much more with this immunity booster.
Sesame Seeds
We all know that sesame or til seeds are used in a number of winter sweets because they are highly nutritious. But, why are they present in a number of winter dishes?

If you thought that sesame seeds are just any other ingredient in the kitchen, you probably missed out on the various health benefits that come along. Their ability to generate heat in the body is tremendous.

Plus, its numerous hair and beauty benefits make them a major inclusion in your winter diet. The hair loss problem is most common during the winter months. Stock up some sesame seeds especially during the dry season, as they strengthen the roots and prevent hair loss.

Apart from its multiple health benefits, it is also used for making tasty dishes.

The organic Sesame Seeds of Geo-Fresh provide a delicious crunch to your dishes and are packed with protein. Sprinkle them over meals, salads to make them healthy and tasty.5 organic superfoods
Flax Seeds
For a healthy body and beautiful skin, flax seeds are simply perfect. They have the ability to keep the body warm, thus wintertime is the best time to include them in the diet.

Start your day by adding flaxseeds to your breakfast bowl, this rich in fiber seed will make you feel fuller and give you the required energy to go through the day. For that extra protein punch, just add a tablespoon of crushed flaxseeds to your smoothie and cover your dose of protein for the day.

With the innumerable taste and health benefits that come along with these 5 organics superfoods, they surely make an essential addition in your winter regime