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Bacopa Monnieri – A Medicinal Plant That Can Help You Hack Your Intelligence


Medicinal Plant – Bacopa is one of the most important medicinal herb used in Ayurveda, where it is also known as “Brahmi”, derived from Lord Brahma, the God of creation in the Hindu pantheon. It is also known as Water Hyssop, Herb of Grace, and Indian Pennywort.

Bacopa provides a cognitive benefit, which would enhance the property to retain knowledge and be alert, which would eventually help in proper decision making.

How Bacopa induces this property?

Our brain consists of neuron and there are these “messengers” called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are compounds like amino acids, peptides, proteins, and enzymes, each responsible in transmitting some specific types of messages. When a learning process takes place or if we happen to gain knowledge, these neurotransmitters start acting and the electrical path is formed towards the neurons, now as there is a lot of resistance which may be sound, distractions, etc, can be overcome by the repetition of that knowledge. Well, that’s how we have been studying for exams.

Now, as we grow this resistance tends to increase and we are not able to concentrate and retain knowledge.

So, with the help of regular and proper intake of Geo-Fresh’s Organic Bacopa tablets at proper intervals, these neurotransmitters would form a concrete path which would last longer, thus in actuality, it should help you to gain knowledge quicker and mainly retain that knowledge for a longer period of time.

Studies have shown that intake of Bacopa for 12 weeks will help in reducing forgetfulness. Also, it is believed that there is a reversing effect of amnesia observed in a few amnestic patients.

As they say, the real strength comes through your mind, why not take control over it and conquer the greatness of knowledge.

Product: Organic Bacopa Tablet

Quantity: 90 Tablets, 750mg/tab

Suggested use: 1 tablet twice a day after meal. Consult your physician for accurate dosage.
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