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Explore the unknown sides of ground spices in India


“spices in India”, Women are believed to be superheroes. You possess this godly skill of balancing your lives both personal and professional, come what may. What’s all-the-more inspiring is that amidst all this hustle, you never compromise on your family’s health. Not only do you cook healthy meals but tasty ones as well. And to further ensure the safety of your family, you continuously check the freshness of each edible product. But let us ask you one thing, how closely do you inspect the spices sitting on your shelf for almost a year now?

It is no secret, that spices are an integral part of the Indian women’s kitchen. Every day at least three spices are used over fresh vegetables, ranging from red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder. These flavour enhancing spices are bought in huge stock and stored for almost a year in most Indian households. But did you know that your well-kept ground spices also have an expiry date? As a matter of fact, even the most trusted spice brands come with an expiry date of a year or less.
The truth about ground spices in India
There is a common misconception in India that well-aged ground spices are excellent in flavour. Whereas, in reality, spices expire over a longer period of time and they lose the flavour. Moreover, India is the largest spice manufacturing hub in Asia which has encouraged adulterated food as well. For example, local shoppers mix artificial fragrant in ground spices which are harmful and are hard to identify.

A quick and easy tip:

buying ground spices, rub a tiny bit of spice into your palm and taking a big old’ whiff. The freshness of aroma tells about the exact flavours.

Many times, to retain the colour of spices, spice manufacturers mix various substances which can lead to chronic diseases if used regularly. But like a great housewife, you can keep some facts about spices on the table as well. For example, following expiration dates of types of spices can come in handy while buying spices:

• Whole spices – 2-3 years of shelf life
• Ground spices – 1 year or less of shelf life
• Organic spices by Geo-Fresh – 2 years of shelf life

Normal spices are cleaned through traditional methods which decreases the shelf life. While Organic spices by Geo-Fresh are steam sterilized which helps maintain freshness and increases shelf life. Moreover, to ensure the authenticity of spices, the government of India, non-profit organizations, and many food rating agencies publish food manufacturing guidelines for manufacturing companies. Out of which, APEDA (Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) keeps a tab on every organic food manufacturing company. And on the basis of the authenticity and audit result, the certified agency provides NPOP/NOP certification to the said organic food company.
Why use organic spices by Geo-Fresh every day?
The organic spices are grown and processed under the strict guidelines of USDA to ensure longevity compared to normal ground spices. Now, if you observe the most popular spice brands in India, they promise only 12 months or less shelf life. But USDA-approved organic spices by Geo-Fresh ensure 24 months of shelf life. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about storing organic spices because the air-tight containers, specifically made to keep organic spices afresh, protect them till the expiry date. So, don’t wait and just grab your organic kitchen combo today.