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Natural Himalayan Pink Salt – A Healthier Option For The Processed Salt

Salt is the most essential substance for a human body. From the time we wake up till the time we sleep, every eatable contains salt. How pure the salt is? How healthy it is?

We cannot change the ready to consume products having high salt, but we can change the habit of using the processed salt. We should replace Natural Himalayan Pink Salt with the normal processed Salt gradually. By adding it to our everyday meal instead of processed salt.

What Is Himalayan Pink Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest form of salt available on the planet. It is found in the Range of Himalayan Mountains. The region of Punjab in Pakistan has one of the richest salt fields across the world. According to the research, it is believed that, the salt fields got formed at the time of the formation of the planet earth.

According to the amount of the minerals, Color of the Himalayan Pink Salt varies from one to another. It can be white, pink or red. Himalayan Salt is rich in minerals, it contains almost 60-80 traces of minerals, which is good for human body as well as animal body.

Himalayan Pink Salt or Processed Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt is the natural salt, which is high in minerals, whereas White Table Salt is heavily processed. Due to its process, the white table salt contains only one Mineral, i.e. sodium around 97.5 percent plus added aluminum derivatives, of bleaching process. So, mixture of this is a way more toxic for health.

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Assist in Respiratory Problem
    According to research, salt is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. There are salt caves available worldwide, for people to experience the health benefits of Natural Pink Salt, called “Halopathy”, derived from the Greek word “Halo” means salt. People can inhale the unprocessed or micronized salt, which turns out to be a good result in “Chronic Bronchitis”.
  • Balances pH level of Body
    Himalayan Pink Salt has more than 30 traces minerals which balances pH level of body throughout the day. A proper pH level boosts the immunity level and improves the digestion. The more imbalanced the pH level, the more health issues in day-to-day life. Himalayan Pink Salt is full of minerals like sodium and electrolytes, which directly balances the pH of your blood.
  • Natural Digestive Aid
    According to research, Regular use of Natural Pink Salt helps to stimulate the peristalsis of the digestive organs and balances the stomach acid.
  • Air Purifier
    Candles and Lamps made from Pink Himalayan Salt are also used as air purifiers. As the Pink Himalayan Salt is basically a form of salt, it attracts the water vapor in air and the other air pollutants. The water vapor gets evaporated because of the heat of the salt but the other pollutants remains intact in the salt instead of harming a human or the animal health through air.
  • Sleep Inducer
    Due to high mineral content, Pink Salt helps to get better sleep. A low-sodium diets may cause restless nights.
Some more Health Benefits of Salt
  • Regulates the water & PH level in body
  • Reduces common signs of aging
  • Promotes cellular energy
  • Reduces cramps
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients from food
  • Lowers the incidence of sinus problem
Uses of Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Works as substitute of Processed or Table Salt
  • It acts as preservatives of meat/fish or other eatables
  • Use to make salt lamps and candles.
  • Use to make Body scrub or soaps
Why to choose Geo-Fresh’s Natural Himalayan Pink Salt?

Authenticity of Geo-Fresh lies in the certifications. Geo-Fresh goes through the rigorous process of getting the products and procedures certified. So, we just not only claim we are 100% Natural, but we have proof of it. Our every product and manufacturing plant is certified by the well-known certification boards.