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    Organic Geobiotin (Vitamin for Hair/Skin)


    Geo-Fresh Organic Geobiotin (Vitamin for Hair/Skin) has Carrot, Amla, and curry that supports hair and nail growth. It is a natural source of the nutrient that is essential for overall body metabolism

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    Organic Geovita-A (Restore Nervous System & Support eye Care)


    Geo-Fresh Organic Geovita-A is a blend of Indian medicinal herbs – Sweet potato, Carrot & Papaya. Helps support healthy eyesight and metabolism. Assist in inflammation and wound healing. May support gut health, healthy nervous system & Immune function. Promote normal energy levels.

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    Geovita-B (Supports Healthy Energy Nervous Defence)


    Geo-Fresh Organic Geovita-B is a mixture of studied herbal plants – Guava, Tulsi (Basil), Mango & Lemon. May support stable stress & immunity. Helps general health and well-being. Promotes normal digestive functions & inflammation. Helps assist to detoxify, support health & energy.

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    Organic Cartnat (Healthy Carotene Supplement)


    Geo-Fresh Organic Cartnat (Healthy Carotene Supplement) tablets include nutritional ayurvedic herbs – annatto, carrot, and marigold. Supports a healthy nervous system. Helps support cellular activities, eye health, and good vision through broad-spectrum supplements.

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