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Organic Lipocorp (Fat & Weight Reducer)

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A combination of ancient Indian herbs, Organic Lipocorp, supports metabolism, maintains healthy cholesterol, reduces inflammation, stomach ailments, and supports lipid profiles. Our Lipocorp tablets are specially made by combining organic extracts such as Ginger, Coleus, Gymnema, and Garcinia. Organic food supplement Lipocorp helps to build lean muscles and raise levels of CAMP.
Keep it in the dark and cool place away from moisture. We suggest you always read ingredients, warnings, and directions before consuming a product.
● It is an Organic Herbal Dietary Supplement.
● It supports lipid metabolism and thus helps in weight loss and building lean muscles.
● Enhances body Metabolism and reduces stomach ailments.
● Relieves inflammation and related problems.
● It also strengthens bone density.

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Organic Lipocorp is beneficial to reduce extra fat accumulation and helps to have control of appetite. As organic supplements, Lipocorp comes with Gymnema, Ginger, and Coleus as an ingredient, vegan, and will support a significant reduction in body weight and stomach ailments and help lipid fraction metabolism.
It is plant-based, with no artificial colors, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives, or addictives. It is a pure vegan and gluten-free product that regulates cholesterol levels and enhances the body’s posture through a stronger core.

Direction of Use:
Two tablets twice a day with water. Do not take if the safety seal is tampered with or broken. We advise you to consult your physician before use if you can see any medical condition or pregnancy.

Ingredients of Organic Lipocorp:
Garcinia fruit: Known for controlling appetite, lower cholesterol, weight loss, and relieves intestinal problems.
Coleus: With coleus, it helps in dilating blood vessels and helps in heart functioning. It supports lipolysis and fat loss and reduces the export of triglycerides as lipoproteins from the liver.
Gymnema Leaves: The ayurvedic Gymnema leaves are known for controlling sugar management. It is used to relieve metabolic dysfunction and weight loss.
Ginger: It contains gingerol, which has powerful medicinal properties and helps to build lean mass. Also, it cures many forms of nausea, chronic indigestion, morning sickness, and more.

● Organic Health Supplements.
● Supports reducing the level of cholesterol, triglyceride, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and increases High-density lipoproteins (HDL).
● Lipocorp enhances the body posture through a stronger core with ginger, Gymnema, Coleus, and Garcinia.
● It assists in controlling the production of healthy fatty acids in the body.
● It helps to increase bone density and strength.

1. Is it helpful in building lean muscle mass?
It supports lean muscle mass as it is made from main ingredients that assist in weight loss, cholesterol control, and other benefits. So, certified organic supplements, Lipocorp, are taken
to increase metabolism.
2. Organic Lipocorp tablets are completely organic?
Yes, the product is 100% organic and considered Ayurvedic. It is made with organic ingredients only.
3. Is it helpful in weight loss?
Yes, Lipocorp contains Ginger, Coleus, Gymnema, and Garcinia that are great for the body and assist in fat accumulation. It supports controlling the production of fatty acids in the body.
4. Is it helpful for weak bones?
Yes, it works as a daily health supplement that supports weak bones.

5. How to take the Lipocorp tablets?
As per the instruction on the bottle, you can take two tablets twice a day with water.

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    It’s an amazing product, but takes time for results

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