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Organic Carvoff (Support Fat Metabolism & Digestive Health)


Geo-Fresh Organic Carvoff is a combination of scientifically proven Achyranthes & Amaranth. Helps with stable digestive strength and gut. Helps support overall wellness & immune function. Promotes healthy body fat metabolism.

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Geo-Fresh Organic Organic Carvoff Tablet(Support Fat Metabolism & Digestive Health)

Possess anti-inflammatory properties, Spermicidal Activity, Anti-parasitic Activity, Anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic and Anti-oxidant activity, produce nephroprotective activity, shows anti-depressant effect, Cardiovascular Activity, shows the bronchoprotective effect, Anti-allergic and Wound Healing Activity.

Relives from stomach ulcer, Diarrhea, Swollen mouth and throat, a good source of health-promoting antioxidant, Reduce Inflammation, May Lower Cholesterol Levels, Aid Weight Loss, High Source of Protein, Supports Bone Health, Aids Digestive System, Helps Fight Diabetes

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