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Coriander Leaves

Organic Coriander Leaves 25g


Geo Fresh organic Coriander Leaves is 100% certified organic, Premium Quality herbs with certified organic and steam-sterilised, free of any artificial preservatives and additives, packed under hygiene condition.

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Coriander is the most popular herb also known as Dhania, Chinese parsley, or cilantro. It commonly used in Indian cuisine. However, it wilts quite quickly once harvested/bought. People are always looking for ways to make it last longer. Geo Fresh Organic
Geo Fresh Organic coriander ( Dhania ) dry leaves is the best option to have in your home, it can be used in many dishes as and when you needed without having to worry about getting fresh leaves from the store.
A little, known fact is that for many spices and herbs, drying them out actually makes them more potent, concentrating and accenting their flavor.

Weight 25 g