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Organic Cumin Whole

Organic Cumin Whole 425g


Regular usage of cumin in your food helps in keeping your skin free from boils, rashes, pimples etc. This is because it has components such as Cuminaldehyde, Thymol and phosphorus which are good detoxifying agents.They help in facilitating regular removal of toxins from the body through the excretory system and not through boils.

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Super rich in Iron, these tiny seeds are an integral part of Indian cooking. Organic Cumin (Jeera) is also used for skin care, prevent diabetes, lowering cholesterol and aids in digestion.

  • Known to contain Vitamin E, it helps prevent acne scarring. Organic Cumin is also implied to have anti-aging benefits.
  • The calming properties in Cumin help calm the nerves and induces sleep immediately, thus helping people suffering from insomnia.
  • Loaded with vitamins and minerals, it is a super-food that contains good fats and amino acid as well.
  • Cumin seeds contain Thymoquinone, which reduces inflammatory processes and other mediators that cause asthma.

Organic Cumin (Jeera) is a part of the parsley family. It is a spice widely used in many culinary delicacies. Cumin has been a part of the medicinal world for almost 5000 years.

USDA Certified. GMO Free.

Weight 425 g

Regular usage of cumin in your food helps in keeping your skin free from boils, rashes, pimples etc.


Organic Cumin

suggested use

Sprinkle over your favorite food as per your taste

8 reviews for Organic Cumin Whole 425g

  1. darshan prasad

    During my childhood i used to drink water boiled with cumin. Stopped the habit once i read in newspaper that indian jeera and chilli are rejected from export due to heavy pesticide content. Having read about its benefits, i just thought will resume the habit and bought this organic cumin.

    Im very much happy with the purchase. The flavour and smell of this jeera is very much intense compared to the local store bought ones. Jeera is well known to cure indigestion. Today post lunch, i had few roasted peanut and fried tapioca chips topped it with 2 chappathi at 6. Indigestion was the result all the way upto 9pm. That’s when i reached home. Took a teaspoon of jeera and started chewing. To cure the burning sensation of jeera i had to drink water inbetween.In Less than 5 minutes the discomfort due to indigestion vanished..im very happy and thought this is the best time to write the review.

    Cumin is a rich source of iron, antioxidants, phytosterols..its known to prevent fat accumulation. Drinking jeera water in the morning on empty stomach might help flush out toxins and aids in weight loss.. All this benefits gets overshadowed if its heavily pesticide laden. So yes..i totally and happily recommend this product to all :).. Thank you for your patience

  2. Nisha Ahmed

    Smell are too good

  3. KS

    Excellent one


    Best Quality

  5. Chandana

    Very clean and superb quality m very much sure to buy it again and again


    There is nothing to dislike about this product. The seller should be highly appreciated for giving me such a wonderful product. I noticed the price change within 3 months raising from 200 to 240(for 425g only), i don’t know why it is. But it’s a great quality product to buy if it’s sold for 200 ruppees. I never tasted cumin so aromatic and flavour ever before. Thank you for bringing me this one of a kind product to my doorstep. Will be buying more. You are no more a third party seller, you are a top quality products-seller. Hope you maintain this quality without any compromises. To all customers like me, its one of a marvellous food category -cumin product on Amazon . Thanks to the seller geo fresh organic once again.

  7. Haraprasad Misra

    Although a good product, yet few grains of sand is invariably found.

  8. Shamsher Singh Thakur


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