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Organic Pizza Pasta Seasoning 25g


Organic seasoning blends pizza, and pasta seasoning is a perfect blend to make your food tasty. This unique combination of seasoning helps to make your pizza and other dishes delicious. It can also add flavour to Italian food that includes pasta, salad, dressings, and more. Sprinkle the organic seasoning blends over pizza and pasta, and enjoy your food. Store in air-tight containers for better quality and do not use if the seal is open.

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Add Pizza & Pasta Seasoning to give your Pizza, Pasta, and other Italian foods an authentic taste. The fresh organic pizza and pasta seasoning add delicious flavour and premium quality you can see, smell, and taste.
It can be sprinkled on freshly baked bread or directly into the pasta sauces over pizza, salads, vegetables, soup, and many more preparations.
● It is a peppery bite and sweet and aromatic.
● Organic herbs online: Pizza & Pasta Seasoning as a perfect mix of both ground spices.
● The Italian flavouring of seasoning comes with organic ingredients such as Onion, Fennel, Oregano, Basil, Garlic, Chilli Flakes, Thyme, Parsley, and Natural Salt.
● Aromatic and Tasty – The careful blend of herbs gives an Italian flavour to pizza and pasta seasoning with a great smell that makes your food dish delicious.
● Our unique blend is organic and 100% vegetarian with no artificial or added flavours and colours.
● Out products are NPOP and NOP certified. No colour, flavour, or additives.
● As an organic Indian company, Geo-Fresh provides organic herbs and spices suppliers to each of its customers.

Organic Pizza & Pasta Seasoning contains a mix of Onion, Fennel, Oregano, Basil, Garlic, Chilli Flakes, Thyme, Parsley, and Natural Salt.
● 100% vegetarian herbs, and there are no artificial flavours and colours used.
● With the help of all flavourful and natural herbs and spices, organic pizza and pasta seasoning is made carefully to make your food delicious. It is one of the best multi-use seasonings to have for all your kitchen fiestas.

1. Is this a low sodium seasoning?
Yes, our Pizza & Pasta Seasoning is with low sodium due to natural salt present in it.! It is a perfect seasoning option for those who eat/need low sodium in their food.
2. Can it be used for pizza?
Yes, indeed. You can use it as a seasoning to flavour your pizza.
3. What is the right way to use Pizza & Pasta Seasoning?
You can spread this seasoning over your pizza, pasta, and any other dish. It tastes delicious and works as an ingredient to make pizza yummy.
4. Can I use it for white pasta?
Yes. You can use it over white pasta. It will taste great.

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