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Organic Triphala Tablet

Organic Triphala (Gental Bowel Tonic)


Geo Fresh Organic Triphala tablet is a gentle bowel tonic, supports digestion and gastrointestinal functions. Combination of three fruits – amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki provide a synergistic effect on cardiovascular, urinary, and respiratory systems. Enriched with anti-oxidants, detoxify without depleting vital nutrients of body.

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A cleansing formula for the colon, Geo Fresh Organic Organic Triphala Tablet provides aids in digestive problems and helps in detoxification.

  • Triphala is a potent eye tonic which improves eyesight and gives a healthy and sharp vision.
  • It is a great way to stimulate and improve blood circulation. Triphala also increases the blood flow in capillaries.
  • Triphala cleanses the gastric and digestive track improving blood circulation and nourishing the body from within providing necessary minerals and nutrients, resulting in improved immunity.
  • These tablets help in removing excess fat from the body and flush out harmful toxins reducing the risk of potentially fatal conditions.
  • Triphala helps get rid of blood pressure fluctuations. It promotes better blood flow and keeps the cholesterol in check reducing the risk of heart diseases.
Organic Triphala is derived from the following three fruits: amla, haritaki, and bibhitaki. Dried powders from these three medicinal plants are mixed in equal parts to make a proper Triphala Powders (or Churna). Each of these fruits has medicinal value on its own so combining the three into Triphala can give a lot of health benefits.

USDA Certified. GMO Free.

Contains No: Artificial color, dairy, flavor, sugar, and salt. No ingredients of animal origin.

Weight 200 g

Supports detoxification for smooth colon cleanse


Organic Triphala (Amla + Behda + Harde ) Fruit Extract (Phyllanthus emblica + Terminala bellerica + Terminalia chebula) Fruit extract A.B. 600 mg

suggested use

Adults, 1 tablet twice a day before meals


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