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Veggie Fruit Wash 250g


Geo Fresh Veggie-fruit Wash removes bacteria, germs, harmful pesticides, sand particles & chemicals. Also break down the toxic waxes from the surface of vegetables, fruits & herbs. Formulated with all-natural, herbal ingredients to preserve the natural quality, aroma & purity of the products.

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• Fresh Organic, Veggie-Fruit Wash Liquid is 100% Safe to Use and FOOD GRADE.
• Made up of all-natural ingredients like Neem, Lemon, and citrus fruit
• No soap, no detergents, no alcohol, no chlorine, no sulfates, or no harmful chemicals.
• It removes 99.9% of germs, harmful pesticides, waxes.
• Vegetables, herbs, or Fruits which we buy may contain germs, bacteria, and dust as it is been touched by many people. Remove them by washing them with Geo Fresh Organic. Veggie Fruit washes liquid.
• Mix 3 tablespoons of liquid in 3 liters of water. Wash and rinse thoroughly. It can clean 4 – 5 kg of vegetables and fruits.
• It Washes up to 60kg of vegetables and fruits.

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Weight 280 g

glycerin, Natural lemon oil, Natural neem oil, natural sapindus extract, acetic & citric acid.

suggested use

Mix 15ml liquid per 3 liter of water. Swish up to 30 seconds, rinse 2-3 times thoroughly with water.


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